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Aun Egg and Aun Meg, two Aun resistant fighters, star in this adventure RPG loosely inspired by the lore and land of Asheron's Call. This will be a top down game with three world: Ezheret, Hazahtu, and the Aun afterlife. Aun Egg has always provided Aun Meg with any worldly possession that she wanted, always ensured the carenzis stayed out of their home, and provided enough food for many feasts. Will Aun Egg be successful in her trip to beyond the thick fog of Hazahtu, returning with a cure from the place of which the end is believed to reside?

Aun Egg is the melee-weapon wielding warrior scholar, trained in the ways of creature, life, and item magic, with either two-handed weapons or one-handed weapons with shield being the two specialization tracks. Aun Meg specializes in void and life magic, serving double purposes as a damage-over-time attack specialist as well as a great healer for co-op, with the option of picking up a specialization in melee & magic defense or ranged weapons (bows, atl-atls, etc).

Supported Platforms / Plans:

The target platform for the initial iteration of the game is the NES. A version will be released for Windows, macOS X, and Linux as well. It will probably just be a fancy front-end on an emulator/rom back-end, though. Android and iOS versions are highly unlikely, but they aren't 100% off-the-table for consideration.

Digital-only versions will be offered for sale. A limited run of boxed copies on NES cartridge will be produced. Copies will also be distributed in boxed form but instead of a cartridge, will include media with installers for all 3 (Windows, Mac, Linux) versions, the .nes file, and printed and pdf copies of the manual.

Possible Ports and Variants:

[1[ A version loosely-based upon this game for the Atari 2600. [High likelihood]

[2] An MS-DOS version that runs near-flawlessly in both DOSBox and on time period-appropriate (will likely target 386sx & 4MB RAM) hardware. [Moderately high likelihood]

[3] A version for a classic microcomputer (to be determined). It will likely be either an Apple II or m68k-based Mac version. Eventually, I'd like to do both.  [Moderate likelihood of one or the other and unlikely for both]

[4] A version for an OS and architecture combination from my teenage years. Possibilities under consideration here include a version for the m68k-based line of NeXT computers, a version targeting SGI Irix (Indy/O2-generation) machines, or a version compatible with the Sparcstation 5. [Moderately low likelihood]

[5] A version targeting an open source OS that's less commonly used than the major Linux and BSD variants. AROS and Haiku are possibilities here. [Variable likelihood depending on how much of a rewrite is necessary. If above versions can be easily ported, then high likelihood, with a sharp decrease in likelihood for extra work/time involved].

If demand for other systems emerges, I'm willing to consider possible collaborations to develop for other platforms.

General Information

# of Players: 1 player solo or 2 player shared screen co-op.
Genre: Top-down adventure, role playing game.
Developer: The Aun Collective
Publisher: The Aun Collective
Projected Price: ??

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